Lola Heritage


Welcome to the updated and mobile/tablet friendly Heritage site, Everything that was on the old site is still here but I have added a lot more information. The biggest change is in the Type Numbers section where I have added details of all the designs up to the (currently) T582, this includes a write-up on the chassis, a record of Championship and race wins and the information held in the Lola Archives, I will continue to add to this as quickly as possible but please bear with me as it does take time to research each model! A big thank-you on this section goes to Bob Marston (Lola's Chief Engineer from 1969 to 1983) who has been kind enough to check my work on the cars he was involved with, nevertheless any mistakes are mine.

I have greatly increased the data for Lola Champions and Race Winners which are now to be found in the Lola Hall of Fame, as before any contributions to this section are greatfully received.

The Chassis Register continues as before with almost 750 cars registered. Please help me to keep this up-to-date, if you own a Lola or know of one that is not o the list please let me know or ask the owner to contact me and if any information is out-of-date, again please tell me.

Now available is all the artwork for the 50th Anniversary Poster.

I hope you enjoy the new site and any suggestions to further improve it are always welcome.