Lola Heritage


LOLA T210 SL/15

The new owner of T210 SL15 is M. Dutoya and he tells us of its history:

"This Lola T210 #SL/210/15 was sold new in Brazil in late 1970 and delivered to the driver Antonio Carlos Avallone who organized the "Coppa Brazil" a four round series held on the Interlagos circuit. There was a leasing agreement between Eric Broadley and the organizer and this contract was warranted by the "Banco Comercio Industria do Estado de Sao Paulo" on the condition that the car should be driven by Emerson Fittipaldi.

The latter won two rounds ahead of the Lola T70s, a Ferrari 512 S, Porsche 908/2 and took the Brazilian title. In January 1971, Fittipaldi won the '100 Milhas de Taruma" race at the wheel. The car was then used for the film "Robertos Carlos a 300 kilometros per hora" with this famous Brazilian singer.

It was sold then to Jose Renato (Tito) Catapani who raced it for two season without any damage. It was finished then in yellow under the "Ecurie Bino" livery. The following year, 1972, it was refinished in red and white which were the Hollywood cigarettes colours. Tito Catapani won on several occasions in 1971-1972 at Interlagos and Taruma.

The car's racing career stopped in late 1972 and it remained stored in a garage with no driving at all till 2008. It was imported back to Portugal in 2008 and showed an unmolested condition since 1972. Never modified or damaged again since re-imported this car was bought early this year in the same stunning condition and found a new home in France. This car once driven by a twice Formula One World Champion will be now restored back to race winning condition."