Lola Heritage


LOLA T210 SL/10

T210 SL210/10 is now owned by Henri-Louis Maunoir who lives in Switzerland.

Chassis SL210/10 was one of several cars sold new to Jo Bonnier and Scuderia Filipinetti for use in the 1970 and 1971 FIA World Championship of Makes/Constructors Championship.

Scuderia Filipinetti entered and raced two different T210s including SL210/10 in the 1970 season. In 1971 they were both upgraded to T212 specifications and remained active through to the end of the season.

Today it is difficult to know in which races Bonnier and the Scuderia Filipinetti/Scuderia Bonnier actually raced chassis SL210/10. However below is a listing of some of the known races run by both cars in the 1971 Season:

Date - Event - Team/Entrant - Drivers - No. - Result
1/10/71 1000kms of Buenos Aires Scuderia Bonnier Rouveyran/Ruesch #46 DNF

5/16/71 Targa Florio Scuderia Filipinetti Bonnier/Attwood #14 3rd OA 1st in class

5/16/71 Targa Florio Scuderia Filipinetti Parkes/Westbury #19 5th OA 2nd in class

5/30171 l000kms Nürburgring Scuderia Filipinetti Bonnier/Peterson #42 DNS

6/13/71 24 Hours of Le Mans Scuderia Filipinetti Entered only - not raced.

7/24171 6-Hours of Watkins Glen Scuderia Filipinetti Jo Bonnier #3 DNS

At the end of the 1971 Season, Lola was awarded the European 2-Litre Manufacturer’s Championship and Scuderia Filipinetti purchased all-new Lola T290s.

Both T210s from the previous season were sold. Chassis SL210/10 was purchased by the Italian privateer, Mario Nesti of Milan, Italy.

Nesti raced the car in a variety of non-championship races until acquiring a used Lola T290. The old Scuderia Filipinetti car was then placed in storage at the back of Nesti’s Milan workshop where it would remain untouched until 1985 when it was purchased by the well-known Lola and Lotus enthusiast, Willy Widar of Sprimoni, Belgium.

Widar sold the car in a still unrestored and untouched state to Quattlehaum who imported the car into the United States and shipped it to his home in Atlanta, Georgia and shortly thereafter sold it to Vail, Colorado car broker Dirk Lair Lair who eventually sold the car to Bert Skidmore of Intrepid Motorcar Company in Sparks, Nevada.

Bert Skidmore then carried out an unprecedented full and total restoration on the car, his no expense spared mentality and detailed engineering background produced the finest Lola T210 in existence.
Today this Lola T210 produces 310bhp.

The Lola T210 remains one of the single easiest and most competitive Sports Racers running in Historic Venues. Easily able to humble 5.0-liter Porsche 917s and Ferrari 5l2Ms, the car is a consistent podium finisher.