Lola Heritage


LOLA T296/7 HU85

Introduced for 1977, the Lola T296 was the fourth development of the original T290 introduced in 1972, and like its predecessors, found favour with the low-budget customer who was looking for a straightforward and reliable car that was easy to run and maintain with little extra outlay over the years other than normal routine maintenance.

Nine T296s were built with this particular car, chassis HU85 being the fifth car built and was delivered at the beginning of January ’77 to Swiss Lola importer Heine Mader. Painted red and fitted with one of Mader’s BMW 2-litre engines, HU85 was sold to German racer Norbert Przybilla of Beuthen, who unfortunately crashed the car. It was returned to Mader for a rebuild on a new T297 tub and when completed the chassis plate was over-stamped to read “T297”.

Norbert only did one race with the rebuilt car, at the Nurburgring Interserie in September ‘78 where he finished 9th. Norbert then bought a 3-litre TOJ 302 to race in 1979 and HU85 was put up for sale as a practically brand new car with only one race under its belt.

HU85 was bought by Eugen Grupp who raced the Lola in the Interserie over the next three seasons. A regular top six/top ten finisher, the Lola proved reliable as expected with only two retirements over 23 races with the highpoints being a 3rd at Erding in ’78, a brilliant 2nd at Most in ’81 and a 3rd in the ’81 Nurburgring Interserie, Grupp’s penultimate race in HU85 before putting the car up for sale.

Purchased in 1982 by German amateur racer Karl Jordan, HU85 was raced only once by Karl, at the Zotzenbach Bergrennen in Germany where he finished 2nd in class. At the end of the summer Karl sold the Lola to German speed racer and rally driver Helmut Kalenborn, then resident of Palma di Mallorca, and something of a local hero. Helmut used HU85 to go effect to win outright the 1982 Pujada a San Salvador in Mallorca.

In 1985 the Lola was sold to German lawyer and amateur racer Dr Harald Ulmen who demonstrated the longevity and usability of the Lola by racing the car over the next 9 seasons, mostly in hillclimbs, right up until 1994. After being kept in dry storage for a number of years, HU85 was re-commissioned to full running order to take part in the burgeoning classic endurance scene in Europe. Harald raced HU85 in historics right up until selling the car in 2008 to Dieter Riegl of Hennef, Germany who only raced the car twice, at Brands Hatch and at the Nurburgring before selling the car to Belgian historic racer Guy Lauwers.

Guy continued to race HU85 in historics and in early 2017 sold HU85 to the current owner, British based historic racer Vic Nutter.
28/01/77: Heini Mader, Switzerland
• Swiss Lola importer
• race car preparer and BMW engine tuner
• fitted with BMW 2000cc 4C engine
• painted red
00/09/78: Norbert Konrad Przybilla, Beuthen, Germany
• returned to Heine Mader after crash
• rebuilt on new T297 tub
• chassis plate over-stamped as “T297”
• raced only once ’78 Nurburgring Interserie
00/00/79: Eugen Grupp, Ulm, Germany
• entered by Rallye Gemienschaft Ulm
• raced ‘79/81 Interserie
00/00/82: Karl Jordan, Germany
• hillclimbed ‘82
00/00/82: Helmut Kalenborn, Palma de Mallorca, Majorca, Spain
• hillclimbed ‘82
• winner ’82 Pujada San Salvador
00/00/85: Dr. Harald Ulmen, Altenkirchen, Germany
• raced & hillclimbed ‘85/94
• raced in historic 2003 to 2007
00/00/08: Dieter Riegl, Hennef, Germany
• raced twice in historic Supersports
00/00/10: Guy Lauwers, Belgium
• raced in historic Supersports
00/02/17: Vic Nutter, UK
• current owner

Lola T296/7-HU85 Race History

Norbert Przybilla
10/09/78: Nurburgring Interserie, Germany - N.Przybilla 9th 66 laps
Rallye Gemienschaft Ulm
27/05/79: Wunstorf Interserie, Germany - E.Grupp 6th 48 laps
03/06/79: Nurburgring 1000 Kms, Germany #116 E.Grupp/J.Zaborowski 23rd 34 laps
03/06/79: Nurburgring Interserie, Germany #116 E.Grupp/J.Zaborowski 6th 6 laps
01/07/79: Erding, Germany #11 E.Grupp 3rd 20 laps
12/08/79: Most Interserie, Czechoslovakia #58 E.Grupp 8th 33 laps
26/08/79: Ulm Interserie, Germany #55 E.Grupp 8th 45 laps
02/09/79: Hockenheim Interserie, Germany - E.Grupp Rtd -
07/10/79: Kassel-Calden Interserie, Germany - E.Grupp 8th 47 laps
25/05/80: Nurburgring 1000 Kms, Germany #55 E.Grupp/R.Walter 18th 36 laps
25/05/80: Nurburgring Interserie, Germany #55 E.Grupp 12th 6 laps
29/06/80: Erding, Germany #30 E.Grupp DNS did not start
20/07/80: Zeltweg Interserie, Austria - E.Grupp 10th 23 laps
31/08/80: Most Interserie, Czechoslovakia #63 E.Grupp 7th 29 laps
07/09/80: Hockenheim Interserie, Germany #63 E.Grupp 4th 40 laps
05/10/80: Kassel-Calden Interserie, Germany - E.Grupp 5th 38 laps
29/03/81: Nurburgring 300 Kms Interserie #70 E.Grupp 6th 43 laps
24/05/81: Nurburgring 1000 Kms, Germany #53 E.Grupp/H.Forster 20th 14 laps
24/05/81: Nurburgring Interserie, Germany #53 E.Grupp 8th 6 laps
08/07/81: Nurburgring Interserie, Germany #70 E.Grupp 5th 44 laps
26/07/81: Nurburgring Interserie, Germany #70 E.Grupp 4th 44 laps
16/08/81: Most Interserie, Czechoslovakia #70 E.Grupp 2nd 38 laps
20/09/81: Nurburgring Interserie, Germany #70 E.Grupp 3rd 44 laps
11/10/81: Zolder Interserie, Belgium #70 E.Grupp 4th 30 laps

Karl Jordan
00/00/82: Zotzenbach Bergrennen, Germany - K.Jordan - Group 6 - 2nd

Helmut Kalenborn
01/09/82: Il Pujada a San Salvador, Mallorca - H.Kalenborn 1st 3.35.470s

Dr Harald Ulmen
06/10/85: Oberjoch Bergrennen, Germany - H.Ulmen - Group 6 - 9th
11/10/87: Oberjoch Bergrennen, Germany #113 H.Ulmen - -
02/10/88: Eurohill Bergrennen, Germany #40 H.Ulmen 8th Group C3 - 6th
00/08/89: Hauenstein Bergrennen, Germany - H.Ulmen 6th Group C3 - 4th
17/09/89: Unterfanken Bergrennen, Germany - H.Ulmen 5th Group C3 - 4th
01/10/89: Eurohill Bergrennen, Germany #165 H.Ulmen 6th Group C3 - 4th
00/00/90: Dudelange Bergrennen, Germany - H.Ulmen 9th Group C3 - 4th
13/05/90: de la Semois CdC, Belgium #91 H.Ulmen - -
17/06/90: Trierer Bergrennen, Germany #8 H.Ulmen 14th Group C3 - 9th
19/08/90: Hauenstein Bergrennen, Germany - H.Ulmen 9th Group C3 - 6th
09/09/90: La Reine-Houyet CdC, Belgium - H.Ulmen Rtd did not finish
00/00/91: Holtz Bergrennen, Germany - H.Ulmen 8th Group C3 - 3rd
14/06/92: Trierer Bergrennen, Germany - H.Ulmen 11th Group C3 - 8th
26/07/92: Osnabruck Bergrennen, Germany - H.Ulmen 10th Group C3 - 7th
26/07/92: Homburg Bergrennen, Germany #16 H.Ulmen - Group C3 - 6th
09/08/92: Alzey Bergrennen, Germany - H.Ulmen - Group C3 - 4th
09/08/92: Teufelsrutsch Bergrennen, Germany #20 H.Ulmen 12th Group C3 - 4th
16/08/92: Hauenstein Bergrennen, Germany #18 H.Ulmen 13th Group C3 - 7th
31/05/93: Wolfsfeld Bergrennen, Germany #15 H.Ulmen 10th Group C3 - 4th
12/06/94: Trier Bergrennen, Germany #29 H.Ulmen - Group C3 - 8th
21/08/94: Hauenstein Bergrennen, Germany #20 H.Ulmen 3rd Group C3 - 3rd
04/09/94: Frieberg-Bengel, Germany - H.Ulmen 3rd Group C3 - 3rd