Lola Heritage


LOLA T324 HU62

Tony says: "The car is serial number HU62 originally raced by Gary Passon and then someone else whose name I cannot decipher and then by Grant Simpson and finally by Gale Hasz. The log books last entry is 7/2/83. Since then it has been used in autocross and  hill climbs. During its life it had been run over curbs a lot and basically all of the rivets on the bottom rubbed off."

"It had been pretty severely hit in the front so I have replaced the front bulkhead welded new sections into both upper and lower front wishbone mounts, and replaced all of the rivets in the bottom of the car with cherry q rivets as well as adding new aluminum sheets to the underside which had been fairly well compromised by repeated trips over berms. I have also cut off the front six inches of the monocoque and replaced it with new aluminum."

HU62 has now returned to action in Tony's hands and in 2008 it won the Northwest Hillclimb Association Formula Libra Championship and in 2009 it is the Formula Continental champion with two class course records.

Below you can view a video (flv format - 22.5Mb) of Tony setting the Bible Creek Formula Continental record of 2m 17s in 2009. Click to play.


The restoration of HU62 (All pictures courtesy of Tony Chilton)