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LOLA T324 HU57

The new owner of T324 HU57 is Tom Ernst from Germany who purchased the car from Günter Filthaut in 2014.

The T324 was Lola's 1975 Formula Super Vee design and HU57 was shipped to North American agent Carl Haas in March of that year.

Jim Keller has been researching the history of HU57 on Kalle's behalf and he says:

"We now know the entire history of the car, the owners were:

1975 to 1979 - the owner was James George, an SCCA logbook was issued to him on April 8 1975 by the Chicago region of the SCCA. The Log book number was 007-400. This is confirmed by SCCA, Chicago region.

I no longer think that George Follmer drove the car because I found race results that show both Follmer and Jim George in the same race.

1979 to 1989 - the owner was James Wood from San Francisco. He won the NORPAC regional championship in the car in 1980 and, at the last race of the year at Laguna Seca, he had a big accident. The car was rebuilt by Marc Bahner in California and "updated". This is when it received the new, 1978 style, rear wing assembly.

Woods never raced it until 1983 and only used it a few times, then retired from racing. The car was unused until he sold it in 1989.

1989 to 2006 - the owner was Mike Elliot from Vancouver BC. Mike installed the big engine and used the car for Hill Climbing until 1984 and for a few solo events after that. He was in the process of rebuilding the car and getting it ready to hill climb again when he took ill and passed away.

2006 - Kees Nierop

2006 - Kalle Reuter

The car has to be a model T324, not a T326 or T328. The last T322 was built in September 1974, too old for this car. Race records from 1975 list Jim George in a T324 starting in May 1975 at Lime Rock Park. This makes sense as the log book was given a month earlier."

Following a complete restoration by Kalle Reuter the car was then bought by Günter Filthaut in 2011.

HU57 in action and undergoing restoration (All pictures courtesy of Kalle Reuter)