Lola Heritage


Dear Glyn,

Glad to hear you will be attending the Can Am event at Elkhart Lake. It will be an affair to remember no doubt!!

As to my car, it is a parts car built by Herbert (Mac) McClendan formerly of Southern California fame as a Lola repair man and racer of the 60's. He acquired many of the molds and castings from Lola way back when to provide support services for the cars in the states when they were actively racing. Currently, he has a facility in Jacksonville Florida, where he and his crew have all that is required to service and maintain T70’s.

My car is perfect from nose to toes. The car is accepted in the States and I run it a dozen time a year. In addition, the car is shown for charity when requested.
When we configured the car, we were careful to pay attention to the smallest details. The chassis is of the correct aluminum, 6061-T6, riveted and glued. Corners are spot on with the right brakes, hubs, spinners, and wheels. Motor is a 355 ci Chevy small block with 48IDA webers, dry sump, no modern stuff added. Gearbox is an LG500 as were the cars originally. We make about 450 HP and run on Avon slicks.
The car is powerful, predictable and a pleasure to drive. We have run at Elkhart Lake, Sears Point, Laguna Seca, Pheonix International, Texas World Speedway and Hallett Oklahoma to date. This summer we will make our first trip to VIR for the Gold Cup. The track is about 3.5 miles long so Lola can stretch her legs in the beautiful Virginia countryside.

As you can see, the car has no ancient history, just the last 10 years of vintage racing. My experiences have been a life's quest come true, from racing the T212 and now the T70 Coupe. I sketched the Lola on my note pad back in college and thought that someday, if things went reasonably well, I would get to drive one (or two). That time is now, and until the Doc says "Time to stop this sillyness", I will tune, tighten, adjust, refine and simply adore my Coupe. It is truly the single most iconic sports racing car of all time!!!!

I look forward to seeing you again at Road America.