Lola Heritage


LOLA TECNO FLAT 12 - You must be joking!

Well actualy, no. Lorenzo Prandina owns the car and tells us here how it came to pass.

Dear Glyn, As I told to you last weekend I send to you the picture and the history of my Lola Tecno Flat 12. The car is the chassis HU 4 of 1972 .The original purchaser was Bonnier (but I don't know if he drove it or just sold it as Lola's agent).
Rumours tell me that the car arrived in Italy 1975/76 owned by Sergio Mingotti (A mechanic with the Pederzani Brothers) and was driven in Sicily in hill climbing by Mr.Bono with the original Ford 2000 engine.

In 1979 the car was bought by Mr.Paganucci and with the help of Sr..Landi (the only protagonist alive today)fitted the ex F1 engine 3000 flat 12 Tecno in the car. Landi had the engine "free" directly from Luciano Pederzani as a present for the success of his Ford engined F2 Tecno car, used in hillclimbing the year before.

In any case the man in the picture is Paganucci,owner and driver.

The first races were runs in 1979 by the brother of Paganucci at two hillclImbs, "Caprino-Spiazzi" year 1981 and 1984,as you can see.

In any case my investigations are in progress yet.
Many thanks to Lorenzo, a most unusual car/engine combination. We just love the transporter in the first pictures - there can't be many of those around!