Lola Heritage


Steve Maxted brought his Lola T360 to the Silverstone Classic and what a marvelous job he and his crew have made of this car. With the help of Colin Poole, Steve has undertaken a complete restoration of the chassis and with a new 2.0L BDG was hoping for a good placing in the Derek Bell Trophy race.

The car was built during 1974 and raced by Ted Wentz in the UK Formula Atlantic series. With Wella sponsorship Ted Wentz also entered two Formula 2 events at Silverstone and Thruxton. Sadly the car failed to finish either race.
During May this year Steve told Heritage;
“Attached are some pictures that I got when I bought the car from the USA.

The main problem I have had is the front wishbones which did not come with the car. I have had to have these made from the original drawings that you sent me, which has taken a considerable time. I have now had the gearbox rebuilt and I have an engine (2000cc BDG). I have also been waiting on fuel cells which have just arrived. I am about a month behind where I was hoping to be but now that the components are all back with me, I hope to move on quite quickly now.”

The refurbishment of the chassis was nonetheless looking good.

The Maxted Team made a supreme effort to have the car at the Silverstone meeting and there is no question that it was a stunning example of this now unusual Lola model.