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All pictures courtesy of Glyn Jones.

When the SCCA first had the idea to promote a professional sports racing car series largely unencumbered with regulation, it is unlikely they understood what they were starting.

With the single exception of the Indianapolis 500, CanAm racing is probably the most charismatic and most widely supported class of road racing in the USA.

Sportscar racing became very popular in the US after WWII. So popular, that in 1966 the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) along with the CASC (Canadian Automobile Sports Club), founded the Can-Am series for Group 7 type sports racers. Sponsorship from Johnson Wax made the Can-Am the best paying racing series in the world. This meant that the cream of international drivers were interested in the Can-Am. World Champions John Surtees, Jack Brabham, Graham Hill, Phil Hill, Denny Hulme, Jackie Stewart, and Mario Andretti all participated in the Can-Am at one time or another, as did Indy 500 winners A.J. Foyt, Mark Donohue, and Parnelli Jones.

CanAm pushed the technological barriers forward at a sometimes alarming rate. Innovative designers such as Jim Hall and Peter Bryant had little or no restriction and almost everything you can imagine was tried. Advances in aerodynamics, turbocharging, materials and engine design ran amok. Engines in particular were phenomenal. Up to 9 litre motors were used and the horsepower rating more than doubled during the life of the series.

Those were the halcyon days of unlimited sportscar racing.

Thanks to the unstinting efforts of Dan and Madeline Davis CanAm cars are regularly seen on the tracks of America under the auspices of the Historic CanAm Association. Supported also by Victory Lane magazine the ethos of the series is “Historic CanAm is not simply a formula in which to acquire trophies, it is a discipline apart in which one of the essential ingredients is devotion to the cars and their history”.

Lola Heritage applauds all concerned in keeping these wonderful cars in good order and thanks the owners for the opportunity to see, hear and feel what it must have been like between 1966 and 1974.<

Cars featured:<

No0 - Jeff Miller (T496)
No3 - Don Braaten (1981 Lola T530 VDS)
No6 - Patrick Hogan (T70 MkIIIB)
No8 - Toby Bean (T70 Coupe)
No8 - Robert Blain (1998 Lola B98/10)
No12 - Larry Connor (T292)
No21 - Hamish Somerville (T70 Spyder)
No22 - Peter Kitchak (T70 MkIII)
No22 - Greg Galdi (T296)
No23 - Larry Neviaser/Michael Neviaser (T332)
No24 - Bob Rowley (T70 Coupe)
No24 - Earl Goddard (T92/10)
No31 - Daniel Lipetz (T163)
No44 - Nick Smith (T160)
No45 - Richard Griot (T160)
No47 - Phil Daigrepont (T290)
No51 - Johan Woerheide (T70 MkIIIB)
No59 - Richard Griot (T160)
No61 - Rob LaRoque (T70 Spyder)
No66 - Johan Woerheide (Schkee)
No74 - Kenne Bristol (T294)
No75 - Brian Blain (T163)
No151 - Jim Gallucci (T163)
No177 - Derek Harling (T460 FB)
No298 - Joe Blacker (T298)
No711 - Jeff Borghesi (B2K/40)