Lola Heritage


Teddy Pilette has sent us these reminders of some of his many Lola drives. Just in case you need reminding Teddy came from a racing family, his grandfather Theodore raced a Mercedes-Knight in the 1913 Indianapolis 500 finishing fifth and a works Mercedes in the 1914 French GP. Teddy's father André competed in Grand Prix racing in the early 1950s racing for Talbot, Connaught and Gordini, he continued racing on and off in F1 until 1964 whilst also having a successful sportscar career.

With this pedigree it's not surprising that Teddy was soon behind the wheel of racing car and it was in 1962 that he had his first Lola drive competing in Formula Junior Lola Mk3. In addition to single seaters Teddy also raced a Fiat-Abarth GT and then moved into saloon cars.

In 1965 Teddy would join up with Count Rudy van der Straten's VDS team where he would race with great success for many years. In 1973 he would win the European F5000 Championship in a Chevron and in 1975 he took the title again in a Lola T400. In 1974 Teddy would race a private Brabham in the Belgian GP and in 1977 he was one of several drivers to try and get the awful BRM 207 onto a GP grid.