Lola Heritage


Hello Gerald,
I was cruising through the LOLA website and found it very interesting, I personally purchased 3 Lolas from 1970-1976.
The first one was in 1970, LOLA T140-13 F5000 purchased from Ivan Newlin. I raced it many times and finished 2nd West Coast SCCA NTL. I sold it in 1973 to Jo Simmon in Van Nuys California. Allan Brown at Oldracing does have a record of it.

I came to America in 1967 to work with Carroll Shelby. I was born in Switzerland and worked as a mechanic in Europe with different teams and drivers in the early sixties.

In November 1972, I purchased from Jacques Rey in Switzerland, a LOLA Coupe T70 SL 76152 -69 - I was a mechanic with Scuderia Filipinetti in the sixties, that car was originally Jo Bonnier, who sold it to Rey.

I imported it to the States, never raced it. I sold it to Randy Berry in Illinois who made molds of it and sold many kit cars under the name “Marauder GT”…

I talked to Randy...35 years later, (2004) he told me that he had to sell the car in 2000 to pay for his hospital bill after a heart by-pass….not having an insurance!

I do not have pictures of that Coupe..just one behind my LEDA F5000 in 1973 in Van Nuys Calif.

The BEST Lola I ever bought and should have kept ...was Graham Hill, 1966 Indy 500 winner, LOLA T 90/2 I purchased it for $1200.00 from Red Legrand in 1976. It was apart and a mess...someone had cut the chassis to try to make a F5000 with it. At the time I din’t know that it was Hill’s car...It took me 3 years to put it back together with most of the original parts I found all over America. A lot of them from A.J Foyt…
I sold it in 1980 in San Diego….for $59.000.00…
I believe the car is owned at this time by someone in Atlanta Georgia.

You can view Phil's excellent book "Just Call Me Carroll" HERE.