Lola Heritage


Penske T70 - Bill Scott in the blue jacket behind the car, don't know the other gentleman's name, it is not Al Holbert, this is at Las Vegas Stardust Raceway in October 1966, the wheels are halibrand. they were a special edition that mecom comissioned and they have his name in the casting as well as Halibrands. I bought two of these rear wheels at the Monterey Historics in August, they are almost new and they were on the T70 that Parnelli drove for Mecom. Buck Fulp won USRRC races at Watkins Glen and Riverside in this car in 1966. he was the first and only one to haul with a semi-tractor trailer rig at this time. While at the USRRC at Kent, Washington he left the track in a t-shirt and levis and on the way back to the hotel stopped at a Cadillac dealer to have a look. None of the salesmen asked to help him and after a few minutes he walked across the street into the Chevrolet dealer and bought a new nassau blue Corvette Stingray. Frank Schmidt (Buck's engine builder and an ex-Traco guy) told me the story the next day when I was looking at the Corvette in the pits. Impressed, I made a comment about must be nice, to which Frank said...'ol Buck wouldn't have to reach for his wallet on that one...that's just pocket change...

Buck was always a gentleman and was a pretty good racer. Dave Pozzi in Salinas, California has Buck's MkI Lola. The MkII Lola is now owned by a gentleman in Michigan, this car was run in the 1967 Can-Am by Roy Campbell for Roger Mccluskey in Pacesetter Homes livery, the information in John Starkey's book about this car is incorrect.

The #26 car at Elkhart Lake 2007. I had just finished re-bodying the car a few days before. Ironic that 40 years later I would be reunited with the same car. The Riverside and Laguna pictures are the cars in the original gel coat, after Laguna they would be painted each race Chevrolet "hugger orange". I still have the pounce patterns for the lettering and some original decals.

All Pictures coutesy of Gil Munz.