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Picture courtesy of Simon Hildrew.

Racing In The Rain Is Another Sham


At many speedways, there are signs or billboards advertising what is on tap for tonight’s show. I’d like to ask ticket-buying fans, what would they do if the sign said, “Forecast for heavy rain tonight. We will race.”

The talk about racing in the rain has been around for years. It reached fruition at the Nationwide race at Montreal. They did indeed race in the rain. I guess NASCAR wanted its friends at Goodyear to empty its warehouse of those 6-year-old rain tires.

I don’t care if the effete snobs in Formula One do this. They also, for years had races decided by “team orders.” As far as this observer is concerned, there is nothing dumber than “racing” in the rain.

First of all, it’s terrible for the fans. Sit in one spot, you will get drenched. If a guy brings his wife and kids to the races, how will they enjoy the show? Also, a race in the rain will take longer, because the pace is slower. One dummy on TV said the fans will be OK if they bring umbrellas. How does one see the action if everybody in the stands opens a parasol?

As far as the racers go, it’s dangerous. You can’t see, you have poor car control and you really can’t “race” with anybody. They red flagged the race at Montreal because cars ran into each other.

Let’s face it, this is done just so the track operator and the sanctioning body can take the money and run. Rain dates are expensive. There are no better fans anywhere than in our sport. Let’s not “soak” them.

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