Lola Heritage


Rob Senekal E-mailed me to tell me that parts of the gear shift mechanism of Allen Grant’s Lola MK6 were missing and that he needed a reference.

I recalled that the ex.Mecom MkVl was auctioned by Bonhams at the 2006 Goodwood Revival meeting. Not knowing where the car was I contacted a lady by name of Bess Walker at Bonhams in London. Bess said she would look up the record and forward my E-mail to the new owner, it would then be up to him to contact me. The next day there was a response and by a remarkable coincidence the Lola was in Redmand, Washington State, only 180 miles from where Allen’s car is being restored in the same State.
Allen and Rob went to see the car, now owned by Bruce McCall who allegedly owns the world’s largest private Ferrari collection. They were welcomed by Steve McCaughey, who was working on the Mecom Lola and when he was introduced to Rob he immediately recognised his South African accent . In the 1960’s Rob’s father worked in a copper mine in the former Northern Rhodesia, (now Zambia) and he was schooled in Southern Rhodesia, (now Zimbabwe).
When Rob told Steve about his predicament with the gear shift mechanism he said it was not a problem, Rob could borrow the original item to enable a new one to be made.
When Allen’s Lola Mk6 is fully restored it’ll be exhibited at shows but not raced.

How’s that for a coincidence.

Kind regards,