Lola Heritage


All pictures courtesy of Neil Primrose.

Cars featured:

"Both the T212 and T290 ran at the festival in Portugal with strong qualifying pace - both top 3 (there was more but we chose to relax!) However in both the WSM and Proto 70's races on day 1 we had a spin and driveshaft failure respectively.

Day 2 saw both cars starting at the back of the grid and with nothing to lose. In my WSM race I pushed hard from the green light and passed 7 cars before the first bend and by Lap 3 was upto P3, then I had a drivethough the pits for my efforts!!! With it all to do again I came out and got stuck in and pushed us upto P2 with 5 laps to go. I chose to hold station and keep what I had instead of chasing Roger Wills and his 650 HP Maclaren!! We came 1st in class and second overall with fastest racelap.

In Proto 70's David Gathercole had been on-fire all weekend but also keeping some in reserve, both he and Bobby Rahal were taking the T290 fight to the Matra's of Rob and Rick Hall. After the driveshaft failure of the first race David started the Isla Racing T290 at the back of the grid. As the lights went green the car stormed through the pack and was upto third by lap 3 with Bobby not far away. The front nearside slick was going off however so David let Bobby through and held off the pack to retain 4th overall.

The preparation and development on the cars is now starting to pay off and once we address the T290's thirst for front nearside rubber, we will have a winner."