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The Formula 5000 Drivers Association is pleased to announce the results of its race event at the Road Atlanta Walter Mitty Speedfest presented by Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) and Classic Motorsport on May 2, 2010.

Overall winner of the Sunday Race and placing in first place in Class B (post 1971 cars) was Jim Stengel in a 1973 McRae GM1. Winner in Class A (pre 1972 cars) was Steve Davis driving a 1969 Gurney Eagle Mk5. Second place in Class A went to Tony Adamowicz driving another 1969 Gurney Eagle, while Dudley Cunningham finished second in Class B. Paul Dudiak (Class A) and Tom Malloy (Class B) took third place in their respective class.

The field of 13 powerful historic race cars ranging from 1969 to 1976 created a great show. Fans and drivers enjoyed the sounds, sights and beauty of these powerful cars both on track and in the paddock.

The chase for the 2010 Formula 5000 Championship is well underway with Stengel and Davis tied for first place and followed closely by Cunningham and Adamowicz.

The Formula 5000 group now focuses its attention to Watkins Glen and the Bobby Rahal signature event on June 10-13, 2010.

The Formula 5000 Drivers Association is a membership car club established to promote the registration, restoration and use of historic Formula 5000 race cars. The Association organizes vintage racing events and other activities for its members.

In addition, the Association manages a registry of Formula 5000 cars (

Individuals interested in joining the Association should contact Seb Coppola: (248-601-2800 -
or Bruce Leeson: (831-582-2494 x222 -