18th December 2007
A collection of pictures kindly donated by Albert Mensinga from the October Historic event at Spa.
All pictures Albert Mensinga (Albert MensingaCreative.nl)
Cars featured:

No10 - Andre Bailly (T70 MkIIIB)
No12 - Jonathan Baker/Carlos Barbot (T70 MkIIIB)
No23 - Anthony Hancock/Oliver Hancock (T212)
No44 - Leo Voyazides (T280)
No78 - Esmond Smith/Andrew Smith (T70 MkIIIIB)
No81 - Chris Beighton/John Finnemore (T70 MkIIIIB)
No117 - H. Jones (T70 MkI)

Formula Junior
No15 - Brendan Roberts (Mk2)