20th March 2008
Following on from the single-seater collection here is Peter Collins sports cars through the years... great days, great days!

All pictures courtesy of Peter Collins.

Max Wilson's T70 MkIII at Crystal Palace on the
9th September 1967, Max finished 4th in the
BARC Sportscar race.
Mike de Udy's T70 MkIII with its distinctive
"snorkels" in the BRSCC Guards International
Trophy at Brands Hatch, 2nd September 1968.
Mike retired with a damaged sump after a spin...
...whilst in the same race Frank Gardner's
victorious Sid Taylor-entered T70 MkIII
chalks up another win for the jovial Irishman.
The 1969 Racing Car Show in London, at the top the
Sid Taylor T70 MkIIIB, on the left a CanAm T162
and to the right a F5000 T142.
Another shot of the Sid Taylor T70 MkIIIB at the
Racing Car Show.
A road-going Sbarro-modified T70 MkIIIB also
at the 1969 Racing Car Show.
The T70 MkIIIB of Paul Hawkins who retired from
the BOAC International 500 World Championship
Sportscar Race with wishbone failure. Brands
Hatch, 13th April 1969...
...In the same race the Sid Taylor T70 MkIIIB of
Peter Revson, Sten Axelsson and Denny Hulme
retired with overheating. On the inside is the works
Ferrari 312P of Chris Amon and Pedro Rodriguez.
The Barrie Smith/Howden Ganley T70 MkIIIB in
the BOAC 1000Kms World Championship Sports
Car Race at Brands Hatch, 12th April 1970.
Entered by Sid Taylor it was involved in an accident
on the opening lap.
The Jeremy Lord Minilite T212 at the BRSCC
Evening News Trophy Race, Brands Hatch 30th
August 1971.
The Ecurie Bonnier T280-DFV of Chris Craft and
Gérard Larrousse retired in the...
...BOAC 1000Kms World Championship Sports
Car Race, Brands Hatch 16th April 1972.
Three of the manufacturers that made 2-litre racing so great
are in line astern at the International Trophy at Silverstone,
April 1975 as third placed Guy Edwards (Lola T390) heads
eventual winner John Lepp (March 75S) and the Chevron
B31 of second placed driver Ian Grob.
Alain De Cadanet and Desiré Wilson finished 3rd
at the Brands Hatch 6 Hours in the De Cadenet
Lola LM Ford, 16th March 1980...
...but went on to take the win at the Silverstone 6
Hours, 11th May 1980.
The Nick Faure, Roy Baker and Eddie Arundel Dorset
Racing T298-Ford finished 15th in the Shell Oils
1,000Kms, Brands Hatch 17th October 1982.
The victorious Banco Occidental/Ultramar/
Team Lola T600-Ford of Guy Edwards and Emilio de
Villota at the Flying Tiger 1,000 - FIA World Endurance
Championship for Drivers. Brands Hatch, 27th
September 1981.
8th in Group C for the Guy Edwards/Rupert Keegan
Ultramar Team Lola T610-Ford seen here chasing the Roy
Baker/Eddie Arundel/Nick Faure Dorset Racing T298
at the Pace 6 Hours, Silverstone 16th May 1982. This was
a round of the FIA World Endurance Championship
for Manufacturers.
The Brands Hatch Racing Steve Kempton/John
Bartlett T610-DFL at the second round of the 1984
Thundersports championship, Brands Hatch 23rd
April 1984...
..the race win went to the Atlantic Computers John
Foulston/John Brindley ex-CanAm T530-Chevrolet.
The T600-BMW Turbo of Karl-Heinz Becker at
Brands Hatch on the 26th July 1992 for the third
round of the Interserie championship.
The Sportsracing Team Sweden B2K/40-Nissan of
Thed Björk and Larry Oberto at Donington in the
2001 FIA Sportscar Championship on the 26th August
where they finished second in the C3 class.
The Intersport Racing Lola B2K/40-Judd of Bill Binnie,
Clint Field and Rick Sutherland at the Le Mans 24 Hours
June 12th-13th 2004.